Healing Power of the Sea

Embracing the Healing Power of the Sea

The Journey Behind Sea the Love

10 years ago, I was like any typical 14-year-old girl, navigating through that awkward stage of adolescence, battling pimples, oily skin, and struggling with body image insecurities. Whilst on a family holiday in Greece I first discovered the incredible healing powers the sea can have on the skin, which sparked the inspiration to create Sea the Love. I am excited to share the story behind Sea the Love, and the philosophy of self-care I hold at the heart of my brand.

The Healing Powers of the Sea:

During that memorable trip to Folegandros, Greece, I hated how I looked in my bikini, and in particular I was very self-conscious about my back-acne. I also had scars on the backs of my arms from where i had obsessively picked at every little white head and bump I could find! My step-mum mentioned that the sea was great for healing your skin, so eager to clear my skin I embraced her advice. I went into the sea every day, rubbing my arms in the water and utilizing the sand to exfoliate and buff my skin. To my astonishment, after just one week of swimming in the sea, I noticed a remarkable difference. Not only did my breakouts clear, but the scars from my whitehead-picking habit began to fade. It was an epiphany that revealed the incredible healing powers that lie within the sea.

A full circle moment: My products in Folegandros, Greece. Where i first discovered the healing powers of the sea.

Embracing Inner Beauty:

Reflecting on my personal journey, I realized that achieving clear skin was only one part of the equation. Even after my skin had improved, I still battled with self-insecurities. The beauty industry often exaggerates these feelings, bombarding us with unattainable beauty standards and messages that prey on our insecurities. Flawless, poreless skin and eternal youth are illusory promises that leave us feeling inadequate. Thus, it became my mission to create a brand that fostered self-acceptance and empowered individuals to prioritize self-care within their skincare routines.

The Self-Care Mantra:

At Sea the Love, we believe that true beauty comes from within and that skincare should be a moment of self-care and self-love. To reinforce this philosophy, we have created a mantra that accompanies our products: "Hear the Love, Feel the Love, Sea the Love." This mantra serves as a reminder to embrace the love and care we deserve, cultivating a positive and empowering relationship with ourselves.

The journey that led to the creation of Sea the Love is deeply rooted in personal experiences and a commitment to embracing the healing powers of the sea. Our goal is to provide you with skincare products that not only nourish your skin but also elevate your sense of self-worth and confidence. Join us on this transformative journey of self-care and self-love, where the healing power of the sea meets the beauty within.

"Hear the Love, Feel the Love, Sea the Love." 💙🌊

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