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Introducing sea the love

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Picture yourself floating in the crystal clear ocean while the waves gently lap around you. The water shimmers in the sunlight, and tranquillity envelops you. You may notice that your skin feels smoother or that your acne has started to clear. Your skin appears radiant and healthy. Sound familiar?

This has always been my experience with the sea, in fact my first experience came when I was a teenager in the height of puberty, suffering with pimples all over my back and whiteheads all down my arms. Then one holiday to Greece where I spent the week swimming in the Aegean sea, my back and arms had completely cleared. 

I have always adored the sea, growing up in Whitley Bay I was fortunate to have it on my doorstep. My hometown of Whitley Bay and my experience with how the sea can heal the skin inspired me to create an ocean-inspired skincare line called Sea the Love. We use natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, with a focus on sea-based actives.

The key ingredient in all our skincare products is a seawater extract containing marine magnesium and minerals, clinically proven to enhance skin health from a cellular, molecular, and genetic perspective. Even better, it is certified as organic and sustainably sourced! 

We also use other marine actives specific to the needs of each product. For example, our night cream contains a unique green microalgae native to Iceland. It provides deep and intense regeneration thanks to enzymes that act on the DNA of skin cells, helping to accelerate skin renewal and repair during sleep. Our cleanser contains a winged kelp which helps protect the skin’s firmness and elasticity while boosting the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. It helps to plump, firm and smooth the skin.

Our products are made to the highest quality, with each formula lovingly created to help you nourish and nurture your skin. Are you ready to sea the love? 

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Hi i just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the night cream. It is beautiful and smells absolutely devine. My skin feels gorgeous and really nourished. The quality is so so good and im impressed with the ingredients. Cant wait to use the moisturiser.

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